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Marcus williams got a Zach Parise New York I Offset Hockey Shirt good block from wide receiver traequan smithhe’s now got his hand on the turf ready for third and 13. Whichever it is you’ve got mo salah who’s absolutely on fire at the moment he’s ghosted into the sort of central zone he’s looking to finish across us coming which doesn’t get stopped because while we’re stopping crosses what would we do let’s make it interestingthe cross hasn’t been stopped and you’ve allowed him to get gold side of you. Doesn’t even the old testament say you’re all divinewhy are you saying i’m blaspheming by saying i’m the son of god when even yahweh says you’re divine verses here. Obviously we were 18 17 years old and we’re like all the way on one corner of the pond and they’re fishing off of the uh the actual roadbut they’re like completely on the other side of the pond and mind. You know stick with one laws and the rams got their second lawso three nfc teams all get their second loss the bucks are sitting at home on their buy. Says kevin uh really excited uh but worried with the same teams as matthew robineywe will play same as first off first atlanta and get destroyed moments fc has no chance as matthew we need to start fast. And if you guys are new to the channel make sure to subscribeand I will see you guys in the next one we all Philadelphia Eagles 2022-2023 National Football Conference Champions shirt Zach Parise New York I Offset Hockey Shirt.

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But y’all the Zach Parise New York I Offset Hockey Shirt s get into this man yo cheese versus cleveland brownsit’s my wrong way to jersey 20 times. But you were germanyou got killed. I don’t know why I keep messing that upi’ve made this intro. Mom godr Cornel. Sorrybut we did it already and. Ishe’s in the comments on youtube. It’sooh
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He’s still just laying therei can see his little beady eyes peering over the Zach Parise New York I Offset Hockey Shirt boat not his nose though just his little teeny eyes looking right at me. Yeahthat’s what I mean. The german sixth army successfully took stalingrad but then got surrounded by the soviets and cut off from food and ammunition half a million nazis would ultimately die in stalingrad another 100 000 were taken prisoner of which 6 000 would ever return pows had a low survival rate throughout world war iiand it was particularly grim in the east when you include these pows roughly the same number of germans died in stalingrad as all the western front fighting against france the uk and the us and though stalingrad was a victory for the soviets they suffered almost twice as many losses as german the soviet union would eventually defeat the once unstoppable german army killing 2 3 million nazi soldiers but winning the war. When’s the last time we saw a giant center field safety make a play on an interception on the sidelinei legit can’t remember it like a center i’m not talking about you know a safety getting interception. Well we’ve seen at least in texas a handful of candidates decide to postpone events tonight which makes total sense uh you’re probably going to hear here in georgiathe winners of the various contests nod to what’s happened in texas and do what political leaders or those that want to be often do and express thoughts and prayers whether they provide any specific or meaningful solutions is another thing and inevitably this is going to be another squabble about this on capitol hill and on the campaign trail in the coming days notably tonight since we’re here in georgia. Yeahfourth quarter raiders are down a touchdown under a minute to go vegas is driving though but watch quincy. Well hit backthose bets gone santa maria game over a two run blast.
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