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Yeahso stop his toe. What’s up guys um today we’re gonna go fishing it’s pretty early today we’re gonna go about to make some breakfast get up the other kids and I’ll see you guys out on the water and we’re at my neighborhood pawn late whatever I’m starting a Psycho Mantis Psycho Control Shirt with my my I have a drift bait Idon’t on my Johnny Morris carbon like 2 0 setup 7 to medium heavy you guys probably don’t care what and then Cameron’s got a spinning combo Brody’s got a little cheap bait caster and he’s using a weightless Texas rig birdies in our ChatterBait I’m a change over to the GoPro right now and I’ll get you guys some more footage so stay tuned birdies hooked up right now tiny boy let me get this oh it’s a nice tiny small spotted spotted oh Rudy hold it like you lost my fish it counts I got it on camera did we get to weigh it I was it is probably about your horrible yeah well birdies kind of mad cuz you know lost his face and by the way we’re doing first of two fish wins so you guys saw that that counted he touched it so Britney has one fish oh yeah and there’s no size limit guys so that one counted and it’s any species you can catch bluegill so birdie he was using a jerkbait so yeah first it to fish and Brody has one I have zero Cameron has zero and so whole like we’ll come back guys when we to so I think I like it was a variant like babies vlog and drive see sorry for the darkness everybody but and don’t listen to Cameron he has literally no idea what he’s talking about the camera man behind the camera his name is Brody sup he’s my brother and yeah so what I’m using I have three rods and Cameron has one rod and Brody has two rods he’s more behind the scenes so he’s the only one who’s actually caught a fish again so yeah so first on I have a spinning reel and then two bait casters on my spinning one I have a drop shot tied on I just personally like a drop shot on my drop shots the the plastics I use all right here these fat baby finesse boy KBD I like striking a lot and actually sneak peek to another video we will have a on tackle unboxing later and so on my first bait caster I have a jig with a little craw trailer and so and then my boss bait caster I’m gonna be tying on this popper where you going boy yeah so I’ll be trying on a popper and then here’s Cameron he can explain what gonna have tied on okay guys so I got a real that is not that long compared to the others I have a blue Rio with the blue line and I say it’s to blend in with the lake um spinning room and my bait I have on there is one of the perfect plastics KVD and it’s a Texas rig but he’s changing that to uh why don’t you try to bait the z man ChatterBait sure I personally like z man cheddar baits the best I’ve tried other ones Brody had bred it has a different one tied on yeah and that’s what he caught a fish on but lights I still like see me I’m good I and so okay so as we say we we’re driving on the Gator and there was a turtle in the side of the room oh yeah and we just missed it so hashtag say the turtle guys always watch out for those animals common company animal I almost hit that turtle whoo comment down below you ever see Turtles on the side of the road shaving please actually comment down below they’re like weirdest animal you’ve seen on the side of the road I think mine would be like a skunk yeah and so and also comment down below like future video ideas like challenges and like just stuff like that if you want us to do like a 24 hour overnight challenge with like only 25 at Walmart or something god just just tell us or tell us in the comment below like and subscribe help us out it’ll really help me out a lot and so birdy you want to explain what you’re using or you want me to do all right camera shy and so on his spinning reel he’s gonna have what are you saving my chatter bait oh no he’s gonna have a Texas rig Oh on his own with a I think we’re gonna put like a a trick wire or something on there yeah I don’t know I’ll figure that out or a curly tail those are good and on his baitcaster he’s gonna have a his ChatterBait he caught one on earlier and so I’ll catch you guys at the lake in a minute peace out well everybody we’re back for day two today’s a little bit different adventure we’re heading a different direction we’re not going across the bay we’re actually going with it and we’re trying to catch our kings and we’re trying to catch our halibut today we’re out here with skyler again it’s absolutely beautiful we’re looking like there’s going to be some rough seas so I already have a feeling that mike maybe our camera guy and probably clint are going to be chumming most today but you know what they say about chumming it helps you catch fish so we’re going to get this tractor hooked up we’re going to get this boat launch it’s going to be a little bit more of a rodeo getting launched today we’re going to find out some fish stick along for the ride it’s going to be an awesome adventure so day two started and the wind was blowing we launched the boat off the beach which was a really neat experience again we did that the first day with the clamming and we kicked off skyler did a great job we kicked off backed out and we headed out to go troll for some kings well snotty all right i’m gonna set up the salmon gear if I could get somebody to steer for me just towards those far towers in the distance just keep our noses nose into the waves okay i’ll get the deep downer triggers all set up well ladies and gentlemen we made it out here it’s a bit bumpier than we were anticipating here today wind is really really starting to pick up a little bit it’s going to calm down we got one of the biggest tides of the year here skye was just explaining to us about with that title last night was actually a full lunar eclipse so i’m sure that has something to do with it it’s a full moon really big tides a lot of pull on the earth and especially in a bay like this in the cook inlet where we are there’s so much such a massive water moving back and forth going in and out of this inlet so we’re getting set up please get these downriggers set up we’re going to start fishing for kings we got a 10 o’clock high tide and we’re gonna fish those halibut on those highs and on those lows because that’s the only time there’s not going to be too much current to get anchor and actually set up on those halibut spots so we’re going to get our rod set up looks like we’re trolling herring on downriggers with some flashers and uh we’re gonna give her hell out here i’m gonna give it about 10 minutes before splinter mike or sean puken so keep your fingers crossed it’s going to be a good show so with the wind blowing the way it is and the surf the way it is we’re gonna actually turn the boat around our stuff having a really hard time getting down and not popping out of the downhill eclipse because we have so much tension from the wind of course and that water going up and down we’re gonna switch around change our troll direction and see if we can get our truck down in the water a little bit better I immediately started getting sick I was standing in the corner I became best friends with that corner pretty quick dude I don’t know I just want to get it over with not too long after I started throwing up and it just kept coming yeah I get it mike they’re dropping like flies ladies and gentlemen they’re dropping like flies this is the real alaskan experience for mr mike here he’s been waiting his whole life for a day like today so obviously as you guys can tell throughout this episode i’m a bad friend and I really really really was having a good time every time I ended up grabbing the boat and controlling it as we’re doing our troll for salmon shawn and mike end up shumming the ocean over to the side so um you know I felt bad for him i’ve been there and it’s miserable but you know what they were tough and they worked their way through it so as the sea started to build stuff started to get really rough and it was really hard to tell if we were getting bites at times because we were going up and down four feet at a time as these swell started to build and then all of a sudden I was looking and it looked like our downrigger was back under our boat which was really weird so I grabbed that rod I pulled it out and fish on we got a big mess going here everybody we got a big mess going we are down deep under the boat here so immediately as this fish took off running I could feel it or this angle that it was at it felt like it was in the motor and what I think happened was that that line had gotten in the prop and done like a full revolution so that it was still sliding back and forth but it was wrapped around that prop completely all right everybody absolute madness right now i’m not sure where this fish is at i’m just going to keep running working right here I don’t want to cut him on that prop there he is god damn it what it’s in the problem it caught on the prop as I was trying to come around has a hard fought loss everybody the clock’s ticking too we got about another 30 minutes of kingfishing here oh we might have 10 yeah yeah at that point we had about 10 15 minutes and so we’re going to finish out our troll here and then we got to beat cheeks to the halibut grounds if we stand a chance of beating this tide so tension is high skyler’s working his butt off fingers crossed maybe we’ll get one more here in a second and so as it came time to hit the tides we started motoring out of this little peninsula that we were behind that was kind of protecting us and instantly the swells went from about four to six to about eight foot it’s looking pretty bad right now and it’s been picking up would you agree the wind’s been picking up since we got out here I would but I mean I don’t want to i’m not making any calls but we’re not we’re not going to go a different element not today the spot we were headed to was about 10 miles away it was gonna take us about an hour to get to and as we started getting closer and closer to out into the main part of the ocean it became apparent that it was not going to be safe and it was not the right call to be going out there well I gotta give it to skyler everybody he tried his that pushed it right to the brim honestly he’s making the right call I want to catch all of it more than the rest of them this is my kind of living right here living on this making the right call for the safety of the boat and the safety of the crew here getting a bit bumpy out here the biggest trial this day we were fine out in the ocean but trying to get this boat back onto the trailer was going to be something else this is going to be sporty man there’s about a four foot swell i’d say a pretty good three to four foot swell coming in here it took five or six tries for the boat ahead of us to get onto their trailer so this is going to be pretty much not necessarily the most dangerous because we’re so close to the bank but the biggest struggle of the day is getting back onto the trailer and back on a dry land so he’s backing in right now fingers crossed wish us luck what a rush got pinned sideways just a little bit there but it turned out we turned those motors throttled out we got right on the trailer just in time absolutely perfect job skyler we made it back onto the trailer loaded up it was still early in the day and we figured man let’s grab some rods let’s try to go find something to do so I gave my buddy steve a call steve rhodes big shout out to you thank you so much for putting this trip together he called us up and said hey I got my trip moved i’m going to take you guys out on the river meet me here this time and let’s go try to catch some fish all right well we made it boys yeah and look somebody else is rowing for the first addicted life ever steve steve really saved our butts today guys this is steve rhodes he’s the one who invited us here to alaska introduce yourself brother steve rhodes i’m a guy from the milton charters um mike flores he’s the the owner here that uh making all this possible so shout out to him as well yeah huge shout out to these guys it’s the accommodations the scenery everything about it it’s just incredible so far what do you guys think i’m having a blast what a great save through the day too we went out this morning as you guys saw and just got our asses kicked so this is a bit more tranquil and nobody’s throwing up yeah yeah yeah yeah except for clint he might be throwing up by a little bit later I know so it turned out this was the beginning of a very very very long couple days struggle trying to find ourselves a king salmon in in fresh water the ties here were so drastic this time of year and then the fishing was slow in itself that those those everything combined along with the wind and the weather and getting kicked off the ocean it just became definitely the hardest part of the trip trying to catch fish but we weren’t going to let that struggle stop us we are loaded for bear everybody we decided it’s time we do this on our own but the conditions and mother nature has not been helping us out our accommodations have been absolutely incredible all the people at the lodge have been absolutely incredible but today we didn’t really have a whole lot of options we’re supposed to go on a glacier tour which is another really cool part of nail chick outfitters operation is you get to go do tourism like ecotourism type of stuff and you get to go fishing but you know what we came here to fish so we said nah we’re gonna hold off on the glacier tour we’re gonna hit this stuff on foot and we’re gonna go try to find some fish we went and got all the necessary tools last night I got some number five blue foxes we got our sockeye floss and rigs we got a bunch of rods and we got all the ambition that you could ever ask for so boys it’s time to do this let’s go catch a fish well I worked my way up river to this big high bank I remember this spot from yesterday was some really really good fish structure it looked like a spot that a king salmon would really like to be spots we’ve been fishing are more like sockeye travel lanes where those fish are gonna be close to the banks scurrying up kind of moving through that water but this in particular looks like a holding spot so i’m gonna add another split shot i’m really really doing this kind of janky I got just this marabou twitching jig really it’s not even a twitching jig it’s probably more like a steelhead jig with the marabou here and i’m just adding split shot up my line to give myself enough weight right now i’m probably sitting about a half ounce like I have a half ounce twitching jig on so this is the perfect ideal kind of twitching water i’m gonna wait up start at the top and i’m just gonna fish every inch of it and keep my fingers crossed you don’t have a lot of lures don’t have a lot of things in my my bag that i’m super super confident in but we got stuff that works and I know this goes up and down and a fish might like it so fingers crossed spot number two everybody wouldn’t try a different spot way up river out of the outlet of the lake that creates this river it was a little too slewy the wind’s blowing pretty good so I didn’t really feel like walking around in the muck casting it windy water so we came back down we found a really cool pocket water area I got a little bead set up we got the spoon still on i’m gonna try to find a steelhead a dolly rainbow whatever the goal is to just get something to wiggle on the line today it’s been an absolute grind on this trip the weather here in alaska has kicked our butt this time big props to the nil chick outfitters for trying so hard to get us out even in these kind of conditions it really you know it’s what happens when you come this far north is anything can happen the weather changes the conditions change the fish change we got big tides which aren’t exactly helping us but you know what we’re not going to let that stand in the way of us having fun so let’s do it let’s go for a walk well everybody heading back to the truck now day number three I think we’re gonna call this episode in the series the ass kicker the last couple days has been just that alaska has really been dishing it out we got to say it’s one of my favorite states in the u s for sure but it doesn’t guarantee you having the best fishing experience your life when you come up here even with a great lodge like the nilchik outfitters we’ve been getting our butts kicked in the ocean the waves and the wind and everything is just way too over the top for us to get to partake out there which was mainly the kind of the basis of this trip and it’s unfortunate but you know what thank goodness that we have places like this beautiful place behind us to come and at least enjoy our time we just had a little powwow I think our game plan is going to be head on back sean needs to get some editing done for you awesome addicts out there and today’s definitely posing to be not the best fishing opportunity so we’re going to be out here again tomorrow with steve comment below with what you thought of this episode so far there’s a lot of adventure to come I know my favorite parts have been watching clint and bike and shawn be sicker than the devil out there in the ocean maybe i’m just a mean friend but that was a good time tomorrow has a lot of opportunity let’s see what happens today’s the day everybody we’ve been working hard at this we’re trying to get mike and clint their first fish in alaska alaska’s been kicking our ass until this point it’s kind of like how we opted the last video we had an incredible night last night though we’ve been making the best of it and today we’re gonna make the best of a great situation we got rain we got an awesome river we’re here four o’clock it’s go time is everybody doing this morning the light is just starting to break here and uh it’s looking really good one of the first boats down this morning it’s perfect weather it’s a little bit rainier a little bit more overcast I can’t say that’s been the reason why we’ve had tough fishing as far as like sunny weather I know I haven’t hated it but today especially the wind has definitely died I shouldn’t have said the w word I shouldn’t have said it the w word definitely died down today so it’s gonna be a little bit more fishable we’re gonna be able to fish a lot more water not not get blown off in certain areas where where we want to sit and target these fish so things are looking good we got eggs and spinglows we got some some divers and some plugs and some different stuff like that so we are set and uh who knows what’s gonna happen here what do you think’s gonna happen we’re catching fish are you gonna catch your first fish i’m catching fish today okay I am definitely i’m feeling it steve’s got our back and I think mother nature’s got her back a little bit better today so let’s go find him he’s got it yeah man so first miss fish such a bummer it was such a drive by it was on the plug rod that I had in front of me and really I really wanted to get mike and clint into a fish on these trips because this is their first time in alaska so we’re sitting there anchored up and the tide’s going out and the river’s starting to form into actual river you can start to see the definition it’s not such a lake anymore and we kept seeing these fish roll off to the left of our boat so steve made the call he pulled the anchor moved over about a boat’s length dropped him back down and as we were sliding into our anchor wham we got hit a second time so at this point we’re running out of time the tides were going to get so low today that we weren’t even going to be able to get the boat down to the boat ramp so we decided to call it get out of there it was about 11 o’clock and we had some other stuff in mind that we were gonna go do man we’ll tear them up so yeah man if you ever make it down south for sure definitely give me a call yeah appreciate it man thanks nice meeting you nice meeting you too man so we ended that day with our tails totally tucked between our legs got our butts kicked out there but on the way back i’d seen these signs for spot prawns and as you guys have seen there’s some episodes that we have here at addictive fishing where we go out and actually catch these prawns and every time I see these things I do not pass up the opportunity I think I ended up spending like 200 on spot problems while we were here just because they’re such a delicacy and they’re one of my favorite things so it’s a really cool part of this little town and especially being so close to the charters here and so close to the lodge being able to come in after a slow day and still get some super high quality fresh alaskan seafood from awesome fellow addicts like chris gotta love it it doesn’t get any better than this look at that that’s a bag of happiness right there that’s joy joy in a bag so we headed back that night to eat like kings and enjoy ourselves and get ready for the next day at least we’re not so what did I even say at least we’re not eating king no it’s got to be your bowl we’re not eating this is why we don’t rely on clint to make videos you guys he said we’re not eating king but at least we’re eating like kings thanks mike thanks boys thanks for being here nice job killer trip we’re making it happen well the last day had rolled around and i’m going to tell you right now you guys the tension was high mike and clint at this point were pretty much down in the dumps the camaraderie on this trip was awesome and we never stopped belly laughing the entire time we were here and having good people on your side and having fun every time we got back to the house or wherever we were going made the trip that much better but i’m not gonna lie heading down to homer that morning to launch with skyler it was a pretty quiet car ride because nobody knew it was gonna happen and we had nothing but the highest hopes feel free to load that up on the boat you can hop aboard look at the log book filled out these guys are so excited we’re ready to catch something today is going to be the day today is going to be the day bye bye land we’re back out here guys day six the struggle has been real but we’re back with our main man skyler and we’re going out on a meat hunt today we got a little bit better weather we changed locations by about 45 minutes for our boat put in we’re obviously not using the tractors today we’re pulling out of a harbor and we’re going out to an area to troll for kings and look for halibut dude i’m excited are you today is gonna be the first time these guys have been crying the whole way down here mike was panting the whole way clayton almost stepped on his lip on the way down and i’m having a good time let’s go do it i’m blown away all right okay divers down everybody going diver and herring we just got little hoods on these herring and the hoods just a little piece of plastic that way we’re not cut plugging these things and so as we’re trolling around they keep doing that spin we get that nice little twirl behind that diver going about 40 50 feet back behind the same tube get him get him he’s there he’s there oh he’s running we got a screamer I think it’s gone you know we get when we get close just keep that rock low and have you step back a couple steps oh it’s still there get out of the ball get it down got him got him boys near disastrous moment everybody clint first fishing nice job and look that was a heart pounder guys that fish pulled a 360 on us went straight across that rigger ball pulled a little like dolphin flop and I just sucked in that town and let him go into it good job dude one more let’s do it again look at all those lights hell yeah I love that smell clint heck yeah man high five that thing absolutely changed all of our attitudes all the previous days the grind kind of the we weren’t angry or you know but we were frustrated we wanted to fish and that’s what we like to do we still had a great time no matter what but this just totally changed it turned it around everybody we’re on them so next thing you know we’re in a full fledged king bite I almost felt like I was back home at bowie 10 but one more rod was going off we’d grab it land the fish get another rod in next rod would go off and we just found the school finally that’s a really good one perfect good job mike good job dude yep nice steady reel nice steady reel slow lift and walk backwards keep getting it out of the water nice and deep yep good job there you go good job is that reeling on in there thanks man good job skyler dude ready to keep us on him dude first alaska salmon man heck yeah guys we’re in the school we’ve as fast as we’ve been getting them in we’ve been letting these divers back out and we’re right we must be right in the middle of them we found this little school of fish here so it’s coming up to the surface try to keep him down here we go I don’t think he’s done yet but we got him right here backwards pick up on him when it rains it pours nice wacky doodle all right everybody we’re in them this is good this is good this is good the diver rods are on there seem to be at about 30 to 40 feet we’re letting these things go back about 50 feet behind the boat these divers are pulling down and obviously that’s where the fish are we did it everyone we all three got our first king of the trip we’re in the little school here we’re just gonna start going back and forth skyler found him now we’re on him way to go skyler yep yep sorry boys when we could skyler that a boy hey I praise to the creator for putting us on him and mr skyler everybody out here is just doing big circles there seems to be a good little school of fish moved in here they’re starting to move up the coastline the tide’s pretty perfect right now we’re still waiting on our halibut tide but it’s paying off it’s going to be hard to leave this place but we only need a couple more for a limit we’re doing good we’re doing really good I was just putting my line out and the diver was going and it just it bit it was only out like probably not even 20 feet we’re on a hot bike guys we’re on a hot bike it’s full throttle kingfish in here there you go dude you got a hog of a limit there clint dude that’s how I was putting it I was like oh I think I got in mike splasher and i’m like no something’s eating it that was awesome way to let him eat dude way to go clint talk about it all right so I was putting out my line with those was a deep six diver right yep and mike already had his out I was trying to let mine out but the way we were turning we were gonna cross line so we moved one rod into the other holder I moved over started dumping my line out and probably didn’t have 20 feet off of it and this thing came up and just crushed it so in my hand in my head well we made it to buttville everybody hopefully these fish are as hungry as clint’s butt is for these these bibs he’s wearing so we’re gonna drop anchor get set up there’s you can obviously tell this is a spot there’s quite a few other boats around us it’s pretty cool how these guys work out here a lot of people ringing back and forth on the radio talking about what’s going on talking about where the fish are it’s cool to see that little community out here and skyler’s right in the mix with them so we’re gonna get dropped in here we’re gonna get our big butt rods out it’s been an amazing morning so far so if we can top this off with a couple big halibut it’s gonna make for an awesome day man I can’t it’s gonna happen let’s get some lines down let’s get some fish they can sit there sometimes it takes up to two minutes for them to actually take it and eventually want to swim away with that bait so close to it mike too close to it and all you’re going to do to set the hook is give it four or five really good stern cranks don’t go a million miles an hour for four or five good ones and set the hook and then just come up at a nice steady pace like right there that’s when you want to reel right there real real real real there he is good job mike good job mike steady reel don’t lift and pull this steady wheel well this is exciting mike isn’t it yeah there you go big cod oh baby oh my goodness that’s a giant cod dude that is a dude it can’t be dude I think look at that everybody how cool mike’s first caught ever these are one of my favorite fish to eat this is honestly a giant i’ve i’ve caught only a few probably this big some of your commercial fishermen out there might have seen bigger ones but that is a toad and look how weird those things are there’s all head yeah things got sand fleas all over the top of it those are just lice wow how cool so after mike got that cod a lot of the tension was off cod’s one of my favorite which you guys are about to see in a catch and cook here in just a few minutes and it really is one of my favorite meats to eat it’s not the most desired out there on the market but as long as we had that I knew we had our white meat we had our kings we’re ready for a good catching cook that what’s evening what’s happening i’m willing it i’m wearing it working the magic working the magic it’s working we just got to put a little more mojo into it spirit fingers it’s working it’s working oh my god spirit fingers are working a little more got him boys got him ladies and gents a little bit better one sure what’s going on here yet that’s the situation oh yeah uh huh yep uh huh yep yep oh yep oh yep I got some weight to them boys and girls got me some plywood on there this thing’s worth about 75 bucks right here wait till we get them right to the surface and then goes back down I probably only got them 75 feet so far live action everybody we’ve got some live action here we got three rods getting bit i’m all bent up clint’s over here doing the spirit fingers take deep breaths with me everybody deep breaths with me few moments later here we go nice job brother boys we got him by the hair of his chinny chin chin yeah fish and chips everybody here it comes all right hello everybody sometimes it’s just a waiting game just a absolutely cool looking creature it’s probably about 30 40 pounder nothing really giant but an awesome awesome eating fish give you a look into the world of the halibut there a face only a mother could love or a fishermen clint that’s the bigger one I think so oh should we get you the belt oh you want the belt I need my fighting ch

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