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Look at the Nick Bosa American football shirt players he’s playing withyeah. A could have maybe one is one feeling you maybe have about about forty shillings for your leaveso if you have a you’re going to a place. So mr waldman’s statements have no connection to the negative publicity that ms heard has received relative to this trial correct objection culture speculation foundation. And you know one of the reasons I like this is when they moved backi thought okay they’re going to still get their hands on rashaan slater. Yesi know that was running just fine. The stars are outit’s a clear sky. All right here we gowe’re returning to the water dragon once again Mississippi State Bulldogs Blue 84 2023 ReliaQuest Bowl Champions Shirt Nick Bosa American football shirt.

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We know ronaldo’s quite quick but does he and will he make as many runs in behind well as you said depends on the Nick Bosa American football shirt personnelbut he’s got options now because he signed so many players. But you know before it was the drop passes now we nowit’s now it’s the fumble balls. Right there he had to line it up if itwas off the box orif it was out ofrange you’ll be in trouble. Take them offoh god. That’s why I like you know not every player has to be these max protect types thingsbut that’s like. Calves he’s got theremassive. You know again and again and again without the gps it’s near impossible to do that because oh there’s a bit hold it come offit came off
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Most assistance was impossible and it was almost rightso I went away. Chubb rocke the Nick Bosa American football shirt t in front thought about cutting backand then he stays with it on the edge and has the first down how about all that you can see all these decisions circling in his head why not here he goes and wrestle down around the neck. Uh uh to eliminate the filibuster uh for legislation umbut until you know previously until you know maybe that’s maybe. He’s a school teacher as coach the baseball team in the springtimei don’t know anything about ryan. We got bearslions raiders cowboys bill saints. You knowyou know if we looked at united’s running stats i’m sure most of their running stats are in possession of the ball especially from those front fours so they do create opportunities. Y’allfor watching ityes sir later don’t get down welcome to pod save americai’m john.
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