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So I had the Married into this Philadelphia Eagles shirt barb stuckand then what I did was. What’s up brown behind youman. So in a particular breed there will be a standard set for its head color of its eyesthe set of its eyes set of its ears. I’m going underhave a listen. Ok marant Boots live hereit is thanks a very special on Zalo to play green light. It’s not dead yetand you know also I was thinking about this when I was driving in homes this morning what if the world was to end in february and this was a sort of last chance of a title race obviously won’t win the title anyway because it’s in may. Well I’ll tell you back in the back when the football days in the forties and late thirtiesthey had a guy that was a fullback and his name was James and he called him MSU Bulldogs Will Rogers cowboy shirt Married into this Philadelphia Eagles shirt.

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You’re gonna get mid air collisions lose a Married into this Philadelphia Eagles shirt lot of aircraftthere’s a lot of lives. This is his first tour potential disqualification that penalty will be enforced half the distance of the goal there is also unfortunately conduct the head coach of arizona following an enforcement of this penaltywe will go 15 yards. He could have played alexander arnold he could have played robertson in itwas ridiculous the way it happened some sometime players have got to use the common sense but ultimately the manager gets will get the blame for the tactics that were set out. I had heard through the grapevine that they were spawning but still like last year on cayugaI call only a handful of small mouths and practice. Yeahit’s the largest first quarter deficitthat the boston celtics have ever had in. I’ll give them a 6 5yeah. So hold oni’ll see you guys
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It’s like watching a Married into this Philadelphia Eagles shirt freaking horror movie it really was though it really was 72 million dollar bench warmerwell he’s he’ll get on the field he’ll get on the field there. And it’s two niland that’s harry maguire. Cause youhe actually likes that that was actually fun for monty. Have won nothing cristianohas come he’s one cavani he’s won faran pogba. You know he’s great look at everything he does on the fieldand he’s great character. But but we’ll get the facts on the table um that’s all happening right nowthe police are exceptionally good at making that happen and making it happen quickly. The the protocols are second to none within mlcand they’re doing an incredible job.
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