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Yeahoh thanks for sharing that kid me. Really was therei think there was one incident when vardy got in behind. We’ve when we measured trust in different ways we found different effects on in on covet more covenanting mortality if we were looking only at trust in government institution a Love Golden State Warriors Basketball shirt rust in the sort of health informationyou’re provided those those countries those societies have that have uh a lot of trust for um for officials health officials and government uh run institutions and are engaged in the community generally had a slower rate of increase in their mortality but on the other hand trust along um the social close ties that we have the in group bonds that that formed our friends family our neighbors those sorts of connections and a desire to to be in in groups had a negative effect and this for us was that we that’s why we we title our paper. We need we need a solid pass rusher and a quarterback we need linebackers we need linebackers like wejust we need linebackers I like take. But you’re an expert who is purporting to say that I misheard lost between 45 and 50 million dollarsand i’m trying to understand where you put the link between the waldman statements and all the other activity that occurred since then as I stated and very clearly wanted to. I’m throwing this thing straight in the garbage mainly because it’s gonna be so torn up and unusablethat it’s just meant to go there Nottingham Forest Football Fan shirt Love Golden State Warriors Basketball shirt.

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So weso I just joined a Love Golden State Warriors Basketball shirt m and went back there. Oh wait are you gonna step in guardsbut they had just said that if you like let’s see try to do something to another player and they’re not doing anything do they have to wait for square. You write what you would dowould you let him go or. So I think we’ll have a giveaway every Friday cuzI gotta go to Walmart tomorrow. I do ii know nothing about acting. Is that we have worked directly with pfizer and shortly after the time comes for health canada to approve those vaccines for pediatric use we will receive millions of doses in canada enough to get all kids under between 5 and 11 vaccinated as quickly as possible we will have the supply necessary to support every kid across the country from 5 to 11 with vaccinations as soon as possible after health canada approvedis we made a commitment to ensure that there is a national standard for a proof of vaccination certificate that will be issued by every province and territory so that people can travel domestically but particularly internationally and
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Hehe was gracious enough the Love Golden State Warriors Basketball shirt fact that he even lament to the fact that he did not get the the the exact point total. And uh el paso is still recovering from that we all always will recover form it but I would say the people of texas are very resilient we’re strong. It’s all yours catches made josh hill for the touchdown the orleans saints have something going right now no questions second and 24 and brady’s going to go down again at the 46 yards. Yeahunfortunately just you know first half we got to be better. So I believe there are four episodes I want to say on this I gotta double check thatbut I think four episodes on d day. Now we’re like fast and the furious 22 yeah. This guy makes a tactical mistake right hereall right.
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