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Nobody’s going to catch himit’s a Klay Jimi Hendrix Sonics shirt touchdown 45 yards for james connor saints. So teams one through if my math is right one through 12 are separated by just three games that’s insaneit’s tight and look at the colts at the bottom that is really really interesting all right time right now for our fedex air and ground nominees of the week through the air herbert. Duvali know Less bitching more meegwetching shirt Klay Jimi Hendrix Sonics shirt.

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You just run out rolls out right rolls out right rolls out rightand they actually couldn’t stop it. Buyer great schedule is decent feelingpretty good pretty pretty good love. Just me could be totally wrong all rightlet’s just let’s just dig into this without obj
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X marks the Klay Jimi Hendrix Sonics shirt spot as in xavier mckinney one of his two picks on the day you want to go to the leaguego to alabama kids. Wellthat just well that that didn’t start off well for me. Misses through eight weeks and mckinnon is wrapped up what a tackle made by oren burks.
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