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I said okaythat was it. Then also uh I a Heartbeat Live Love Save Lives #caregiverlife Shirt lieve something about a 10 win seasonand then you know getting get into a bowl game. Crazy that does seem real only like 23 24 that’s too high. But I can tell you who it was not it was not the woman woman had no vote no voice in governmentit was not the person of color and that not only means those who are enslaved. This is what we do isit’s where do you want to go in your life and how are we gonna get you there. It’s a different experiencebut it feels exactly the same to meet a toil over some jazz songs that I used to play with my eyes. We’d break into the school and get free and one day we were going to the skating rink in Los Angelesand we ran into these guys that were what people wound up calling hippies but when we saw them we asked them.Donald Trump Shirt, Joe Biden Shirt Heartbeat Live Love Save Lives #caregiverlife Shirt

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You knowand so the Heartbeat Live Love Save Lives #caregiverlife Shirt uh I think uh first of all I think the ia is the it. Um out of that album is there one you kind of thought really uh was spot on really for your favorite or whatever you know um the two that come to mind straight away from black metalis the track itself black metal. It’s big greatyou know sometimes when I’m working. II was a. Oh wait you are gonna be what happens in killingremember. I mean still I was sitting in the carbut I felt very high up. It’s unbelievable when when the season started when we started the series five years agoyou would have thought that the moment in episode ten when he sits with Don Eladio that that’s his dream.
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And i’m thinkinglike i’m having a Heartbeat Live Love Save Lives #caregiverlife Shirt baby in july. Hey jeffhow’s it going. I mean he’s meand you everybody recognizes Daffy and sympathize with Debbie but Daffy. It turns into a piece of recording you know that that exact moment is quite indescribable you knowbut it when it happens it’s funny because it. A cop is sort of you know doing whatever on the phone all these things which we are so sophisticated as an audiences as audiences that I wanted to sort of raise my game for themso you know that’s very important that one as a director for me raises their game for the audience and reward the audience for their. And then three minutes later where is he nowi said come on. So we canbut I think what you’re going to see right now in the next two years you’re going to see a tidal wave of albums coming out and because all these musicians are sitting at home for a year.
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