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Yeahcan you go drive again. Bro you gotta a #Cusebyamillion Bowling shirt ld ityeah. But I think he’s gonna come back and have a great season this yeari don’t know man. He was pretty close not close enough and uh tim darnold has intercepted againobviously it’s too late to get to sean watson. Gonna take on the bengalsi’m glad that’s a one o’clock game American flag I’m a simple woman I like camping dog paw flip flops and wine shirt #Cusebyamillion Bowling shirt.

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Guess what you’re you have a #Cusebyamillion Bowling shirt tendency to turn the ball over and so they’re testing the patients or the kansas city chiefs offensivelywe’ve seen in years past the chiefs. Heyand i’m actually caring about myself. So we should have been jumping upwe should have been uh blind pretty much man coverage jumping on them and not giving them a lot of cushions because there was times when oh mccoy left the pocket. But like I said we’ve seen in these past two seasons in these past like three seasons we’ve seen deandre hopkins do this from time to time over and over and over againthat’s fair. Yeahhe went crazy. Once again we’ll break it all down what does it mean for some of the contenders in the nfc andthe afc got a lot of it coming your way. Yeahat least two touchdowns
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With you watch out for the new england patriots because that’s a #Cusebyamillion Bowling shirt team right nowthat seems to be gaining momentum growing confidence there’s not a clear cut team in the afc right now seems like each week the team that’s kind of anointed the the top team they get chopped down and the new england patriots just keep going about their business we saw what happened with the buffalo bills down in jacksonville new england patriots is going to be right in the thick of things in this afc race and not. Didn’t know the ball was coming yetwhen the ball came now they’re both trying to make the position to the ball. Big time let down they’re the secondary secondaryyeah terrible now.
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