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Huh now we’ll get to that momentarily kaden stearns with the Cincy Shirts Store Hell Is Real Derby Shirt int shh dallas shout out the first 55 plus minutes two late garbage touchdownsbroncos double digit win in arlington. Right here is their most reliable player and you just have to ride himthis is the identity of the cleveland browns we as much as we talked about obj and baker mayfield they’re going to the cleveland browns are going to live and die by running the football with nick chubb and company and then time spread it out. Next year trey is not ready to run kyle’s offense and he ain’t going to be ready next yeareither he didn’t get enough work in this year. Tripped up at the 31 yard linehe’s breaking down ollie matt. Here’s fields throwing on the run and snuck it into a tight window to cole comet called alan robinson from the 15 fields trying to set it up for montgomery needs a block and has some santos from 22 a touchdown for chicago as well here’s roethlisbergernow looks like they had Buffalo Bills Defense No.1 NFL Wins Championships 2022 Shirt Cincy Shirts Store Hell Is Real Derby Shirt.

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Hey lions would ha a Cincy Shirts Store Hell Is Real Derby Shirt won that game that just goes to show your power rankings were so badi’m still thinking about it. Said this dude now man. Well it’s time for a union breakdid we miss any memes comment below now. Itit’s caught for a first down and more hinton inside the five an exclamation point from teddy bridgewater to kendall hidden for 41. And he has this fearlessness this competitiveness this kind of supreme confidence that he’s going to get it figured out at some point throughout the gameand I just get a sense that the entire team has that same type of fearlessness and confidence in lamar jamie. That’s all I saythat’s all i’ll say a little ball jog. We need you to be greatwe need you to make a great decision in the passing game
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Get it to patrick again who’s been moneyall day he’s got another big gain and a Cincy Shirts Store Hell Is Real Derby Shirt first down for denver blitz. They do phil’s trying to pick it upthey can’t allen throws intercepted. No maybe maybe it just didn’t work out right and then shouldn’t that be okayno it shouldn’t be because odell goes crazy.
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