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I feel like I’m in high school again away I’m dunking the Certified Racist shirt ball lately onbut. R I P Jason David Frank my heart is sad to have lost another member of our special family Power Rangers Dino Fury team is back this time as Power Rangers Cosmic Fury and we finally get a first look at the entire team in their live action suits Power Rangers Dino Fury ended on a sword of a cliffhanger zato returned from the dead and he tells the team that they have to go and fight Lord Zed and probably to finish that guy off once and for all but in order to take on the most powerful Power Rangers villain of all time they need to be a new team which case the next season is going to be called Power Rangers Cosmic Fury and they’re going to Pilot new Zords adapted from the Super Sentai series Q Ranger but instead of adapting the Q Ranger suits Hasbro decided to do all new original suits the first time we got to see the green and gold ranger and then they revealed the Blue Ranger well finally at Hasbro Paul’s Khan celebrating 30th anniversary of Power Rangers this year they revealed the entire team starting off with the black range sure Javi returns in a cool looking suit sporting an awesome ax his right arm looks kind of I don’t know cybernetic or armoredlooking then they revealed zaytool’s suit and wait a minute it’s not red he does sport that white Cape but his color looks kind of I don’t know Brown Russell Curry who plays ETO says that the color is actually champagne and they also revealed that he’s called the Zenith Ranger which is interesting because Zenith in the dictionary is says to be the time at which something is most powerful or successful meaning he probably has ascended beyond the normal Power Rangers and then finally the biggest reveal is that Amelia is now the Red Ranger the first long term female leader for the Power Rangers. But uh when I’m be on the lookout for that video this week because I I have videos up from all four Walker stalk cruises Walker Stalker cruises on the channel of the panels and also that’s Walker Stalker another Walking Dead is overbut it’s not and if they had a great thing they could do more horror stuff if they got people from The Last of Us that they got different things in there and a lot of stuff in Georgia if they actually had it and done it right they can really do really well.
Certified Racist shirt
Certified Racist shirt
But uh I’m gonna find out at the Certified Racist shirt central game in the Richmond game and just go on from there I think once it starts getting colder and people start getting crankieryeah. And this is the custom Dimebag Pop figurine that I got from Chuck You know he has a pink beard and all. Well you’re rightit’s exactly right that’s a thousand percent correct.

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DJ Sam Trey you know just a Certified Racist shirt lot of the older guys they’re just they do a good job of taking up taking us under our wings as you see him doing right now and he’s uh they’re just phenomenal I’m super thankful for it thank you elizabethi was kind of hoping to see you in that ruler of the jungle seat that you guys have been talking about kind of in a normal scene I was hoping to see all the fanciness back there you know. They’re not a good three point shooting team just like the Knicks so what’s the game plan for the Lakers because the Knicks we like to attack the paint that’s what we do we live inside 15 and closer that’s how we do what’s it for the Lakershey man. Just so they could have an okay season or maybe below 500 team or is it so that the young players could have someone to speak reach you for example Jim enjoy is 31 years old everyone else on this starting day roster is literally under 30 besides Carlos Santana Austin hedges in your lineup you sign these guys into the trade just so these people that are really young could learn from people that have been in MLB for a long time I honestly think that’s what the plan was going into the off season for the Pittsburgh Pirates now because you guys sign these people and I think most of the contracts only for one year if they end up having a stellar year do you think the Pirates end up flipping them at the deadline I don’t know if you can flip someone like Austin Hedges or G Man Choi or Carlos Santana but if they have Stellar Seasons which hey it’s a slim chance I’m just saying I’m just putting things out there into the world that can you flip these guys is that where the Pirates are signing all these people to like one year contracts or trading for them for like one year I think it’s really interesting to think about because man the Pittsburgh Pirates have so many good prospects and they’ve gotten so many people off waivers that it’s like surprising that this team doesn’t do anything I’m really honestly excited for the 2023 Pittsburgh Pirate season just because there’s people on that team that I know could do.
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Well you know being this be my fifth year I’m I’m I’ve got my butt whip so many times you know what I mean I thinkbut it’s made me a Certified Racist shirt better person and a better player now. Cozy manit’s pretty cool come on I wish I had a window you won you picked to the top but you can’t complain on that note let’s go to bed it’s a little tight in here two full grown men sleeping in a room smaller than a prison cell it smells pretty good in here so far now. Off screen Jon Bernthal is the total opposite of Shane Jon married Erin Angle a trauma nurse 8 years ago and is raising three kids with his beloved wife.

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Certified Racist shirt


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