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I’m going for the 1993 Björk Shirt cardinalsyeah. Broyou know. Oh my god yes get the old ass 2022 Redemption Tour John Hinckley Shirt 1993 Björk Shirt.

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I know how it was to have two receivers in the 1993 Björk Shirt organization onea bigger guy one speedy and in. Just march up and down the field because they create so many explosive playswell guess what you’re not able to get those explosive plays anymore because our defenses are playing you so this right now is really a test to see how the how the kansas city chiefs and andy reid are going to adjust their play calling because teams are not going to let them have those explosive plays and beat them. And I said who’s it at the round tableyo
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This Season will Presents Who Love:

Was just fantastic in this gameand I think when dallas is not able to run the 1993 Björk Shirt ball like they’ve been doing all you know. Instead he gets to the 25 and you know if diameter lenore made this mistake or god forbid ambry thomas it would have been doghouse but. Oh please don’t get a touchdown 15 seconds 15 hey 71 let me see this.
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