#16 J.T Barrett Ohio State Buckeyes shirt

#16 J.T Barrett Ohio State Buckeyes shirt 1

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Yeahwell it really was they kind of #16 J.T Barrett Ohio State Buckeyes shirt had their way with them. Hey daddy did he do that he did dak back after missing a week because ofthe bum cap did not look the same it didn’t have the same zipper now uh. All right bangles again then you do the rams and the steelers that ain’tthat’s not an easy schedule. Tim um this is the first career pick six for jc jacksonlet’s see the play again and hear from jackson. He is tackled by merrickit’s booker right through the middle into the secondary and he has the first down brought down by merrick a burst of 15 yards sucking down in five fake down depending sideline it’s caught for a touchdown grabbed by evan ingram the tight end for a second consecutive game 17 Josh Allen Buffalo Bills signature shirt #16 J.T Barrett Ohio State Buckeyes shirt.

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I ain’t gonna liecome on bro. You should be pissed and you should be and we should demand more from not only our coaches but from our owner from our gm everybodyall right all right rick. Whatoh my. Just march a #16 J.T Barrett Ohio State Buckeyes shirt and down the field because they create so many explosive playswell guess what you’re not able to get those explosive plays anymore because our defenses are playing you so this right now is really a test to see how the how the kansas city chiefs and andy reid are going to adjust their play calling because teams are not going to let them have those explosive plays and beat them. Oh the chiefs are sick and it was like four of them around there toowhat in the matter 22 bro damn bro what have happened in the super bowl what the. I don’t think I ammaybe I am anyways. This is pretty good drive on the football and picks it off and all of a suddenit’s like
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What exactly brothat’s literall of #16 J.T Barrett Ohio State Buckeyes shirt right there exactly how I would do again that was nice. That’s such I need to go to one of those games bro. Cornerback off the boardso that’s why i’m.
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